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About Phildiz Studios, Inc.

PhilDiz Studios, Inc. was founded on the premise of passion for the art of photography. It is thus comprised of a group of professional photographers whose goal is to artistically capture the essence of the subject- be it person, place, or event. The pursuit of this goal has resulted in countless moments perfectly preserved. By skillfully upholding the standards of quality, service, and professionalism, PhilDiz Studios, Inc. has managed to ensure that these moments are remembered and treasured over the years by satisfied customers.

Since its inception in 1983 (30+ years ago), it has evolved from being the hobby of a passionate young entrepreneur into a lucrative business venture driven by the desire to provide total quality service. In line with this, it has recently embarked on various investments to further guarantee better services for its clientele.

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Our Mission Is to Empower


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our primary Mission is to create compelling visual content that inspire action.  We move your audience to action with visuals and digital strategies that communicate your mission, vision, and services that will drive you closer to achieving your business goals. With this in mind, we aim to be the desired choice for media production services of any business, worldwide.


Our secondary mission is to support, inspire and develop talented individuals, especially Filipinos so that they may achieve excellence, success, prosperity and gain worldwide recognition and opportunities in the global stage of Creativity, Media, and Business and most importantly to be able to share all our god given “talents” to the world.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


As a global company, the primary mission of all our team members is to render and produce at all times exceptionally excellent products and services.


We value creativity as an intellectual resource and encourage all our team members to generate new ideas and concepts to create new possibilities in all our work.


We make sure that we all have a crystal clear understanding of everything we are trying to achieve. We own the outcome of all our work. We are responsible for everything we do from the moment we start a project until we achieve the desired outcome.


Each member of our team understands their job roles and duties. Knowing this and understanding how our work affects our clients guides us with this core value.


Respect for one's self and others is of utmost importance to maintain a professional and harmonious working environment.


We believe that by being transparent in business, we are able to produce trust and goodwill while safeguarding our company's reputation among our clients, partners, and employees. This value helps us improve morale and lowers job-related stress in our team. It allows all our team members to freely communicate which encourages the value of creativity.

Open, Honest Communications

There's no room for unexpressed thoughts and emotions. We believe communication is key to resolve any possible conflicts professionally or personally.

Continuous Learning

We always strive to be better than who we were yesterday. To be better, we continuously invest in our skills and knowledge, every opportune moment.


Work should always be fun! It's how we keep loving what we do.

We Work With the Very Best

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