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In-house produced


Here are the projects we have produced or are currently in production.

Philip Dizon's World Travels Travel Show

Phildiz Studios' very own travel show hosted by our founder and CEO, watch as he travels around the world meeting amazing individuals who explore deep topics, enjoy the world's mesmerizing history and give wisdom with wise teachings as they bask in the glory which is our very own shared planet; Mother Earth.

Phildiz Studio Office.jpg

Portraits Sublime
Photography Studio

This is our Photography Studio in one of our offices in Manila City where we mostly offer portrait photography services which includes graduation photos for university students, family and group portraits as well as corporate portrait shots.

Phildiz Studio Office.jpg
Group Photo in Photo Booth

Selfie Photo Booth

We created one of the first unmanned selfie photo booths in Metro Manila where people can just go in and take Selfies by themselves, with their friends or pets using our studio setup and professional cameras. Pose and "snap"your photos with our remote clicker.

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